Choosing The Right Night Diapers

Published: 08th February 2009
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People buy night diapers for a number of reasons. Some parents find that their babies or toddlers, who are not fully dry at night, produce a lot of urine and by the time they wake a normal diaper is leaking. Others buy night diapers for older children who are taking longer than normal to become dry at night. They may be used on a regular basis to prevent wetting the bed, or for occasional use when a child is on a sleepover or on holiday and does not want his or her friends to know there is a problem.

Many adults use night diapers, it is a common problem and they should not feel embarrassed about it. As people get older their bladder may weaken and although they have control during the day accidents can occur at night. Some find that they need to use a diaper all the time.

Medical conditions, such as after a prostate cancer operation or diabetes, may cause lack of bladder control. Many young women suffer when they are pregnant. Bladder conditions caused by a medical problem such as an operation or pregnancy are often temporary. Anyone suffering from incontinence should consult their doctor to discover the exact cause.

Night diapers for babies are widely available either bought over the counter or online. Some manufacturers of baby diapers supply diapers for children up to age 12. Teenagers may find that a small size adult fits. Disposable diapers have been the most popular type for a long time, but with the changing views on protecting the environment, the use of cloth diapers is increasing. Although the initial outlay is more expensive overall they are cheaper can may serve several children. Many adults also prefer to use cloth diapers both at night and during the day.

Adult and child night diapers come in a variety of styles. Some follow the same design as a conventional diaper, with fasteners at both sides, others are pull ups similar to ordinary pants. Adult night diapers in different styles to fit men or women are also available. Night diapers, particularly those for adults, are designed to be discreet. Check out what is available and you are bound to find something that suits your needs.

The author accepts no liability for the contents of this article. Anyone suffering from incontinence should not ignore the condition but consult their physician for advice.

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Margaret Tye runs the How To Stop Bed Wetting website. For more information visit Night Diapers.

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